Our Story

Jennifer and I had always talked about relocating to the country to raise and grow our food, raise our children in a healthy environment and have a nice place to retire and grow old together.

Like many of you today, we feel the practices used in today's food industry is having a direct effect on our health as a society. This feeling took us directly to Joel Salatin where we attended his farm tour and read many of his books on the "pastured" model. It was through that experience we knew this model was the answer to providing wholesome, nutrient-dense food to our family, our friends and now you as we continue to grow this little place we call home.

Getting started was not easy, but we are dedicated to the process and know first hand the benefits of what we are doing for our animals, our land and ourselves. As we continue to learn and grow, we thank you for your friendship, loyalty and most of all your prayers.